About us:

Established in 2020, Apricus Launceston is a family-friendly breakfast and lunch destination just five minutes from the city centre. We pride ourselves in showcasing Tasmanian produce including local beer, wine, and spirits. A lush estate with picturesque lake views, walking trails, and farm animals – lots to explore!

Our Story:

Aspirational new restaurant owner and Head Chef, Joshua Brown, established Apricus Launceston with a love for food, friends, and family. Stemming from the feeling exerted when families come together for a meal, Josh’s vision for Apricus reflects a quality time, good food, and joyful memories.

A lover of the outdoors, Josh finds himself at home on the estate because there is a certain serenity about the location.

In 2018 Josh met his current partner and Front of House Manager, Sarah Robins. Together they are driven to provide exceptional service and quality food ensuring your time at Apricus is one to remember.

Our Name:

Of Latin origin, the word Apricus means to be filled with sunshine – perfectly summarising the Apricus experience.

A gorgeous light-filled restaurant with ceiling to floor windows revealing stunning 180o views of the lush estate – perfect to watch the sunlight dance over the lake. We believe that sunlight is important on the inside and strive to provide quality time and great food in order to bring joy into your day.